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Ninja TB401 Detect Kitchen System Power Blender + Processor Pro, BlendSense Technology

• Pitcher blender & processor

• Chopping & dough blades

• 13 functions

Ninja SS401 Foodi Power Blender Ultimate System with 72 oz Blending & Food Processing Pitcher

• Pitcher blender & processor

• Dough blade

• 7 functions

Ninja BN801 Professional Plus Kitchen System, 1400 WP, 5 Functions for Smoothies

• Pitcher blender & processor

• Dough blade

• 5 functions

Customer favorites.

My new favorite kitchen appliance!

l have had blenders, food slicers and electric cheesegraters but I have never owned something that doesit all. The one feature that truly amazed me was thegrater.

Great performance

I like that it is very powerful. lt has 1400 watts ofpower motor base, t came with a 72 oz totalcrushing pitcher with stacked blade assembly thatcan utterly crush ice perfect, two 24-oz single-servecups with pro extractor blades assembly and spoutlids.

Very powerful

This Ninja does a great job, the powerful motorworks flawlessly. All the seeds in the berries gotchopped up. The auto iq makes sure it doesn't getstuck. The personal size makes it easy to clean upand no pouring into containers that are too small.

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Kitchen systems

Go beyond drink-making. With a kitchen system,you can unlock processing capabilities likechopping, slicing, shredding, and dough-making.

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Total Crushing Power

Crush ice for resort-style frozen drinks likemargaritas, daiquiris, and more.


Auto-iQe programs allow you to createsmoothies, frozen drinks, and ice cream, all at thetouch of a button.


BlendSense" Technology senses fresh or frozeningredients, automatically adjusting speed andtime to deliver perfectly smooth results everytime.

Nutrient extraction

Professional blender performance and nutrientextraction available in single-serve blender cupsfor healthy drinks on the go.

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